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Pain Management


There are unfortunately times when the current medical understanding of the human body and the technology available are unable to provide a suitable solution for some people. In these instances we tend to look at utilising a pain management approach to enhance people’s sense of well-being. At the heart of this approach is a fundamental understanding that the pain being experienced, whilst very real, is no longer a threat to the body, but rather an inappropriate warning mechanism. With this in mind the focus of treatment needs to take a holistic overview of all aspects of a persons well-being including, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (where appropriate).


Here at Sammy Margo Physiotherapy we have a number of expert clinicians who provide a discreet service for those patients seeking guidance in this area. We provide a one-to-one tailored program that may incorporate a number of treatment avenues. We follow the best practice guidelines of a goal based approach to rehabilitation, which may incorporate a number of supplementary therapies to enhance the process. 

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