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Have you or your loved one had a slip, trip or fall?

Five of the best post-fall and post-operation aids

If you’ve had a fall or injured a limb, you might need some help managing day-to-day activities.

We asked Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist based in London, for the best gadgets to help make life easier.



EXPERT VERDICT: This trolley on wheels has clip-on trays and is a great device to help you regain confidence walking around your home after a fall. You can adjust the height and the trays clip on and off so you could take your hot drink safely between rooms. I wouldn’t use this as an alternative to a walking aid as it is not designed for that, but it can help build confidence while recovering.



EXPERT VERDICT: This chopping board has a vice-type adjustable system on one side that can hold and support food while you’re chopping it, allowing you to be more independent in the kitchen. This is ideal for people who have to chop or slice with one hand — due to a broken or fractured wrist, for instance.



EXPERT VERDICT: A shower cover is helpful for carrying out your usual washing routine if you’re protecting a leg wound or cast after a fall. It consists of a plastic covering with a neoprene seal (a synthetic rubber) which prevents leakage. It takes a bit of getting used to but is great for your independence, at a good price, too. As well as this one for the lower leg, there are others for different parts of the body including arms, knees and elbows. These come in several sizes, and are easy to use.


To rent from £16.50 per week,

EXPERT VERDICT: Just like a scooter but with bigger wheels and with the platform around your knee height instead of being near the floor, this would be great for anyone recovering from a lower leg injury such as a broken ankle, or any foot surgery.

It can help you get around and has extra padding on the knee platform which could help avoid loading further weight on the joint.

It is lightweight, foldable and has five wheels, which makes it more stable than similar devices.


EXPERT VERDICT: This lightweight grabber is fantastic for anyone who can’t bend down to reach or grab items with their hands. Unlike most grabbers this one offers an extra joint in the ‘arm’.

It can bend, so you can access areas that would otherwise be more tricky to reach — such as under the bed.


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