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How does Jagger do it?

At the age of 78 he is incredible.

He dances around the stage full of energy and life

So how does he do it?

I don’t know the answer to that question but here are some suggestions that I have managed to gather:

It could be genetic-his father was a PE teacher and lived to 93

It could be his ‘clean-living’ and fitness routine. He has been known to use a Personal Trainer several times a week as well as run cycle, kick box

It could be his diet which I understand consists of fresh fruit and veg, whole-grains, chicken and fish

It could be that he is ‘living the dream’ and totally loves what he does

To me he used to represent sex drugs and rock and roll and now I hear that he takes a cocktail of vitamins as well as gingko biloba

Whatever he is doing it seems to be working.......


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