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Retrain your brain to relieve back pain - Study suggests

A new drug-free treatment that 'retrains' the brain can offer better long-term relief from back pain than opioids, a study has suggested.

Patients saw significant improvements after the 12-week course, which consisted of one hour with a physiotherapist each week.

Around 11million people in the UK and 65million in the US suffer back pain, making it the leading cause of disability. Traditional therapies concentrate on fixing something in the back, such as injecting a disc, manipulating joints, strengthening the muscles or surgery.

And 'sensorimotor retraining' changes the way people think about their condition, so they no longer see it as a defect or barrier to movement. Patients on the course undertook physio sessions that taught them how back pain was a modifiable problem of the nervous system, rather than a physical issue.

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