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Arthritic Pain



The majority of hip problems tend to be associated with deficits in muscle control and strength. Most people notice an increase in hip pain as a result of a change, or an increase, in their exercise routine. Rehabilitation around the hip has to focus on the control of the pelvis and the leg (particularly the foot).

The management of more specific conditions such as congenital hip dysplasia, perthes disease and arthritis requires an inter-disciplinary team approach to ensure the best treatment is delivered in a timely manner. The therapists have extensive experience in the management of complex hip conditions.



There are numerous conditions that affect the knee from mal-tracking of the knee cap, to more complex problems such as ACL rupture, meniscus tears, arthritic changes, and ligamentous sprains to name but a few. In the main the management of most knee conditions require a comprehensive assessment of the specifically structures and of the musculature around the knee. We will undertake a comprehensive assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms. We will always keep you informed of your treatment options and potential outcome. The therapists also have extensive experience in the management of complex knee conditions including post-operative management and rehabilitation.



Foot & Ankle

The foot and ankle can often be a source of many problems both locally at the foot and ankle, and further a field including the knee, hip and lumbar spine. Whether you have sprained you ankle, suffer plantar fasciitis, tendinopathies or low back pain. We have a team of dedicated and highly trained therapists who can help you overcome the root cause of you pain and disability.

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