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Does your parent's carer need training?

Carer training is the provision of specific skills training for those who care for your loved one.

Care companies and family members often need a bit of extra training to be able to confidently help with transfers or handling, safely use equipment, and many other aspects of your parent's care

We can offer specific training sessions, and produce instructions on specific skills.

What is the point of carer trained?

There are many reasons to train your parent's carer

  • Ensures all involved in your parent’s care have the skills to adequately meet their needs

  • Reduce risk of injury to carers

  • Provide carry over from treatment sessions

  • Ensures the correct equipment is in place for your parent

  • Provide a better care environment for your parent

  • Ensures the safe and correct use of all equipment

  • Help ease the strain on the full time carer’s

  • Increase the confidence in those caring for your parent

Who could benefit from Carer Training?

Firstly and most importantly your parent will benefit from carer training as it ensures all interventions put in place by your physiotherapist It will increase the number of people with the specific skill to help your parent ensuring they are confident in their ability to help out. Other family members or friends who receive training can help decrease the pressure on the main carers allowing for times of respite from their responsibilities. Professional carers receiving the training also benefit as they increase their skills base and this can help improve career progression.

What would a Carer Training involve?

Your parent may receive a new piece of equipment that needs specific knowledge to ensure its safe and correct use. In this instance your physiotherapist will may organise a meeting to bring all the main carers up to date with its use. They may also write a report or instruction list including pictures on how to use the equipment. This would provide irregular carers with clear and simple guidelines on use of the equipment.


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